Let my teaching drop as the rain, My speech distill as the dew, As raindrops on the tender herb, And as showers on the grass.
Deut. 32:2

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Day 2

Better, but still not quite 'there' yet.

It's H day off today & tomorrow so that still throws a wrench in our routine. I have to figure out how to deal w/ that.

Kindergartner begged me for weeks to begin his 'phonics' NOW he says he doesn't want to do it anymore because it's 'hard'! :( He does fine...BUT his expressions & attitude are now ones of being FORCED into it. :(

Oldest accomplished more today & actually enjoyed some of it more. No tears. I know it's cause he got to do art. Wish he could do art EVERYDAY. He's looking forward to his vocabulary lessons though. That's a surprise. It's because it's latin, roots, prefixes ect. I LOVED Latin in highschool...wished I would ahve learned more & 'cheated' less. :o

Kindergartener does enjoy when we do the lessons & pretty much ALL of them are 'fun'...but somehow he switched to associating it negatively.

I think I need to work MORE on math w/ him because he is more familiar w/ it & is more advanced. That way he will start feeling better about 'school'. I think I will slack of on the phonics but still do the language arts. Also, I just realized that his 'phonics' lessons do not include SEEING the letter that makes the sound. It is all auditory. I think that may be what is making it more confusing for him. Too abstract, nothing concrete. I think if I include the actual letter, for him to see visually, he will 'connect' it together better.

I know we will get our groove....I must be patient. Today was even better than yesterday, so I expect everyday to get better & better. Also need to remind myself that this is HOMEschooling & we can be flexible to H work schedule & there is nothing wrong w/ doing 'school' on the weekends. I have NO problem w/ that.

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