Let my teaching drop as the rain, My speech distill as the dew, As raindrops on the tender herb, And as showers on the grass.
Deut. 32:2

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I can't believe it's time for another Learning Record meeting, again! I am so NOT prepared. ugh.

Things are still progressing well & I am still mostly *thrilled* w/ this charter school program we are using. There was a bit of a stressful bump in the road this past month when some confusion arose about the validity of a couple of oldest ds courses.

I went straight to the top & it's all straightened out now. His courses do indeed *count* & he will be receiving full credit. I don't know why some of the teachers/advisors/staff are so confused about all of this. I don't doubt they all just want to *be sure* but come on! You're talking to a pg lady here. She doesn't need this unnecessary stress. kwim? lol

Looks like violin lessons will *finally* be able to be started. In March but still, better late then never. And we still have plenty of funds, afaik, so I was thinking of using some of these funds that will just NOT get used if I don't use them, to order supplies/curriculum for next year.

Yes, I am already thinking of *next* year. If you can believe that. lol The thing is, when school starts next year, you order your curriculum & it can take a month or so, @ least to actually *get* the items. Unfortunately, the program is not set up to preorder anything....so it makes sense to me, to order some things *this* year, for next year to fill in that waiting time gap.

I need to think it through a bit better so I am not wasteful, but I have an idea. I looked over one of the science vendors & although I am partial to making our own nature books, I must be practical & realistic too....this site had some good looking nature journals & science supplies that lean towards my love of nature. I can't look inside the actual books but from the description & the cover they looked good.

Recently we went to a library that had a display of some small but very artistic nature *journals*. They were quite inspirational & gave a good visual of what I'd like my children's nature journal/writings to look like. They contained small water color pictures & bits & pieces of nature itself, like leaves, a feather or grass. They were small accordion style books but O! so *very* lovely!

Oldest also had his High School exit exams this week. He said he felt good about them. The cool thing is he is only in 10th grade so gets plenty of chances to take it until he actually graduates. SO if he fails, it's NO big deal. But if he *passes*, it's good cause then he does *not* have to take it again. That would be nice. He felt like it was fairly *easy*, though he admitted he had forgotten how to do some of the math portion. lol

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