Let my teaching drop as the rain, My speech distill as the dew, As raindrops on the tender herb, And as showers on the grass.
Deut. 32:2

Friday, August 26, 2011

Life After Home-School

Having a home schooled graduate is interesting. It's almost unnoticeable until you really sit and think about it. I mean I've had this 'kid' around 24/7 for nearly 2 decades. LOL

I have put in 13 years of intense effort and energy to produce a young man that can face the world intelligently. It was as much an accomplishment for me as it was for him! I seriously entertained the idea of throwing MYSELF a party. 

Since Ern has graduated the questions abound, most commonly: "What is he going to do now?" Well, I can tell you he is NOT in college. I get mixed reviews on that statement. Some don't really care, others think it's cool & still others seem very concerned.

As a mother, personally, I wanted him to go to Harvard. There I said it. It was the only non-local school I was willing to part with him for. Honest. Well, he didn't apply there...or anywhere actually. So I figured he'd go to the local community college..."It was good enough for me..." Nope, didn't register for that either.

It's interesting having a 'grown, adult' child. It's a mixed level of relating. I have chosen to respect my son as a young *man*, key word being man. A man with his own ideas, dreams and plans for his future. A man with his own relationship with God. This young man of mine knows God has a plan for his life and he is choosing to wait and pray on it more before pursuing a more definitive direction. Isn't that part of what I've been training him to believe and do all his life?

He didn't really feel college was the next step for him at this time in his life. It makes sense. I know more than anybody that college is not required to pursue your dreams or necessary to have a good life. The Mr. is living a career that would be a dream for most, no college education required, and supporting our family with it. Why would I expect any different from my grown son? He's an artist, and from what I hear, a very good one. (of course *I* think he's great but my opinion might appear to be biased, therefore I mention 'others' opinions. ;-) )

What he did do was graduate from highschool, spend a fabulous summer with our family, intern and substitute teach at the art studio he was taking classes at. Now, he begins working. Working at the same art studio teaching regularly scheduled and substitute teaching art classes and getting paid for it.

There seems to be lots of expectations with home educated students and families. To 'prove' it works, you need to produce "super successful" students above and beyond regular public or private school students. Of course those ideals of success are relative. Honestly, as a mom, I'm feeling the pressure. I find it interesting that *I* get asked so often what my son's plans are....why not ask him?

The more and more I go over this in my head, I realize how could I complain about a son who is seeking God's will for his life instead of getting sucked into the stereo-typical way of doing things? If I ever wanted a stereo-typical life would I really be home educating to begin with? haha.

I'm not feeling defensive, just thoughtful, as a mother. Seeking wisdom on a new level as a parent, to relate to my grown son. A new level of understanding God working in and through our lives and what this looks like when one is seeking Him first for direction and not relying on self and what everyone else says and thinks and expects you should be doing with your life at specific ages. It's a new level of humbleness...

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