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Deut. 32:2

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Dollar Tree Home School: Dolch/Sight words

A co-worker at the tutoring center introduced me to this concept.
You can use the idea of fishing for anything. 
Always on the look out for frugal home-educating resources, Dollar Tree has been an unexpected surprise. It doesn't take but a few minutes (which can easily turn into hours) perusing Pinterest to find plenty of inspiration. I'd love to share a few ideas I'm incorporating this year.

First thing I did was download the printable Dolch/sight word list.

I created each game by grade level.  This fishing game has pre-primer and primer words written on the front and back of each paper fish. Attach a paper clip to the top or mouth of each fish. Using hot glue, glue a magnet onto the 'hook'of the fishing pole and then go fishing!

Everything from Dollar Tree, except the magnet which I already had.

My boss at the tutoring center introduced me to this idea.
Except we use it as a solo puzzle game instead of finding a partner.

The foam card puzzles have the 1st grade Dolch words written on them.

Write a word on each foam card. Cut the card apart between the letters. Write the full word above each letter on the individual pieces. Students find the coordinating letters, build, then read the words.

Cards and the container both from Dollar Tree.

IDK where I saw this or got the idea originally but
I have since seen versions of this on Pinterest.

This is sight word Jenga, aka Tumble Tower. I used the 2nd grade Dolch words in this game.

Using a Sharpie write words on the sides of the wooden blocks. Play as instructed but read the word before placing it on top. Kurtis made up a rule, if the word is read correctly, the player gets another turn. Works for me!!

You can modify any of these games. Seriously though, Pinterest is your BFF. So many brilliant and talented educators have thought of the ideas for you and all you have to do is implement them.

Have fun!!

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