Let my teaching drop as the rain, My speech distill as the dew, As raindrops on the tender herb, And as showers on the grass.
Deut. 32:2

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That was a total waste of time!

I had a teleconference yesterday with the ES ("Education Specialist" ie: teacher) and a school psychologist to discuss my requested evaluation of S for a learning disability.  You see, the parent makes a request, after suspicion of a learning disability and the school (from what i have been told by other parents, teachers and professionals) is supposed to respond within thirty days (in writing) as to why or why not they will grant the evaluation.

I did my part, sent my request in writing.  The 'school's' response was to set up a teleconference to go over my request.  Can you say RED TAPE?  The final conclusion, by the school psychologist was that nothing could be done (an assessment/evaluation) because we have not been using a "consistent standards based systematic language arts program".  Yes, that is right.  The problem is that i have not been using a name brand language arts program. DUH! Why didn't *I* think of that?

On my written request I filled out, I did list the names of the language arts curriculum I have used, per the ES suggestion/recommendation.  She warned me 'they' would tell me that I had not tried enough resources yet so I should try these other curricula sources first. I did that.  To which the psychologist responded that I was not using ONE curriculum consistently and when you *change* curricula like that, then the student can not fully grasp one method.

Ok! Again--why didn't I think of that? Of course that is the problem? I tried too many different types of language arts materials. How simple! In other words, WHY did I listen to my ES?

When I described the language arts assignments and work I have S do...she responded that it all sounded 'supplementary'. Oh my word. Again DUH! Why in the world would I think journal/creative writing, learning how to write topic sentences, doing spelling tests, learning to read FRYs list of most common words, reading aloud daily, learning to write using why, when, how, when, where and why, was anything more than supplementary? As you can clearly see, it is not comprehensive. duh.

In case you can't feel my frustration coming through this post--it's ALL sarcastic.  This teleconference accomplished nothing but waste an hour of my time and day that I will never get back.  They do not want to help my son. What a joke. Why? I don't know.  The unsaid but implied thought was that he was behind simply because I was not doing enough.  Because how could *I*, simply a 'mom' properly teach my child.  That would explain why he is behind.  She actually said that he *could* be assessed for a learning disability but that does not mean he would qualify for special ed because 'they' would still ask what type of curriculum we were using.  Really? REALLY? A child could be diagnosed w/ a learning disability & it would be ignored?  They would be given scientific proof and it would be ignored?

She also made a comment how *they* were doing great to have him being tutored--I quickly corrected her that THEY were NOT doing anything. *I* was the one who was getting him PRIVATELY tutored! No way they are going to get credit for his improvement when they aren't doing a stupid thing to help him!

I do have a math curriculum that I ordered....she gave credit to the math curriculum for his improvement in math. Can I just tell you that his tutor responded pretty much the same way I did (in my mind) when I told her that...she said: I don't even use that DUMB book! I KNOW!!!!  He has improved NOT because of his math book--he's improved because he is getting dyslexic specific tutoring.

The psychologist and the ES kept referring to it as 'remedial' tutoring. I kept correcting them that it is NOT remedial tutoring--- it is specific dyslexic method tutoring. There IS a difference.

I was heavily relying on my age old trick of biting my lip to prevent the tears from flowing.....this time it did not work.

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